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Risks & Solutions

California Increases Risks of Misclassification

On Monday, April 30, the California Supreme Court issued a unanimous 82-page ruling that established a new and more rigorous independent contractor employment standard.

Looking Ahead

The World of Work is Changing

A young person entering the workforce is on a different journey now. A great career has become a collection of rewarding projects and experiences.

Risks & Solutions

The Contingent Workforce

Even as workplaces grow more vulnerable, employers do not thoroughly verify independent consultants’ references or conduct background checks.


Shifts in the H1-B Trend

Shifts in the H1-B trend position ASGN's platform as an attractive option offering a more socially responsible option, providing qualified, trained professionals who are authorized to work in the U.S. without special restrictions.

Success Stories

Operations and Incident Response Management

Our team brought expertise in security analysis, network administration, SIEM monitoring, Data Loss Prevention (Vontu), incident management, and HP Service Management (HPSM).

Risks & Solutions

The Government Cracks Down on Misclassification

The Department of Labor has estimated that 30% of employers may be misclassifying their workers.