Railroad & Transportation

This success story is based on the CLEAR™ delivery framework that our divisions use. In this instance, a leader in the railroad transportation industry was faced with an aging computer system that needed to be updated.

Scope and Objectives

The client’s computer system for train profiles was complex, aging, and detrimental to productivity. An updated train profile was critical to modernize operations, reduce duplications, and increase overall efficiency. The scope of project responsibilities was to:

  • Research the constraints of the current system
  • Document and define the future state vision of the client
  • Analyze options and approaches to achieve that vision
  • Gather and document requirements with the end users
  • Analyze the requirements of new developments and enhancements coming from various stakeholders, including the business and technology partners and external stakeholders
  • Publish a scope document detailing business and interface requirements, the business process changes and the new high-level system architecture


Using a world-class project risk management process, timely visibility for the project team was provided through objective project risk assessments.

The engagement team of consultants with rail industry experience used various approaches and artifacts to enable the project. They met with the key client stakeholders and end business users to scope the definition and future state roadmap and develop the primary system enabling:

  • More flexibility to adjust to changing business needs
  • Reduced confusion from multiple versions
  • Enhanced profile nomenclature to allow a greater number of train designations
  • Improved timeliness/accuracy of current operating plan data by developing dynamic, automated data feeds
  • Increased focus on plan optimization versus plan maintenance by streamlining the current manually intensive maintenance of train profile changes and associated database


All engagement objectives were met and completed on time and under budget.