Company Insights

Learning about us

ASGN’s Brands Offer Consulting Services

How our staffing experience creates great consulting outcomes.

Looking Ahead

The World of Work is Changing

A young person entering the workforce is on a different journey now. A great career has become a collection of rewarding projects and experiences.

Risks & Solutions

The Contingent Workforce

Even as workplaces grow more vulnerable, employers do not thoroughly verify independent consultants’ references or conduct background checks.


Shifts in the H1-B Trend

Shifts in the H1-B trend position ASGN's platform as an attractive option offering a more socially responsible option, providing qualified, trained professionals who are authorized to work in the U.S. without special restrictions.

Success Stories

Operations and Incident Response Management

Our team brought expertise in security analysis, network administration, SIEM monitoring, Data Loss Prevention (Vontu), incident management, and HP Service Management (HPSM).

Looking Forward

Operating top-level companies through our Apex, Oxford, and ECS segments, we provide highly skilled human capital to improve productivity and utilization among leading corporate enterprises and government organizations in North America and Europe.

Due to our companies' achievements, we are viewed as best in class across multiple industries and have built an outstanding reputation of excellence over the past 35 years. By supplying critical STEM skill sets, our companies are uniquely positioned to be the total talent solution for the digital world and the evolving shared economy.

Putting People to Work

Our companies put people to work. In fact, each week, we put more than 20,000 highly skilled professionals to work for our clients, allowing them to explore exciting new career opportunities and use their specific skills. We help people grow and develop their career paths and we match up these in-demand individuals with the clients who need them. As our economy continues to rebound, we are proud to be able to provide our clients with outstanding talent. It’s a win-win situation; we connect our clients with the talent they need, and we provide individuals with rewarding employment opportunities, allowing them to grow and develop their careers.

Proven Excellence

This is our 21st-century digital world, and it’s being designed, built, managed and secured by the best and brightest in science, technology, engineering, and creative—precisely the in-demand, skilled professionals we proactively recruit and put to work every day, exactly when and where they are needed.

The principles and practices on which we’ve built our business over the past 35 years continue to drive us as we move forward into the digital world. Our companies are regarded as best in class in their respective industries by both clients and peers. Our companies are constantly striving for and delivering excellence at every turn, on every job, to every client, thanks to the outstanding talent they source and provide.