Hiring in the Age of AI

It’s a new age, and you need the right team to make sure your marketing or creative department doesn’t get left behind. Here are the top roles and skills to look for in the era of artificial intelligence.

Top Roles to Hire For: 
You don't just need new roles to fully take advantage of artificial intelligence - you need the right kinds of people in those roles.

  1. Project Manager: Implementing AI is like any other major company project— complicated, messy, and difficult. You need someone to set goals, assign responsibilities, establish checkpoints, communicate to stakeholders, and make sure your initiative doesn’t flounder.
  2. Digital Designer: Routine tasks like formatting and resizing can now be easily automated, and tools like DALL-E instantly visualize any idea. Talented designers will use these tools to provide more, higher quality, and more personalized designs for every need. 
  3. Brand Manager: With all these shiny new tools at your disposal, it’s more important than ever to protect your brand. A good brand manager will ensure everything you put out stays centered on what’s most important.
  4. Content Strategist: Generating content is quicker and easier than ever. But where should you be posting? How often? How do you tweak your tone for different audiences? A content strategist will guide these decisions.
  5. UX Designer: No matter how futuristic life becomes, your customers still need to experience your website, app, product, and brand in a way that feels simple and seamless. A UX designer will keep that top-of-mind. 

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