ITSM Implementation for the DoD

As the Department of Defense (DoD) aims to digitally transform its military and security operations, ECS is using its ServiceNow expertise to help one DoD organization implement a new information technology service management (ITSM) system within its Secure Information Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet).

ECS is a ServiceNow Elite Partner with over 30 years’ experience, delivering powerful IT solutions to federal and commercial customers. ECS experts solve even the most complex implementation challenges on rapid timelines and with minimal disruption.

The threat landscape is constantly changing, and in order for DoD organizations to protect against evolving security concerns, it has become imperative to digitally transform and modernize IT and data management practices. For one ECS customer, the importance of IT modernization couldn’t be clearer. The customer's ability to execute critical command and control (C2) operations relied on an effective IT infrastructure. But its organization was rapidly expanding in scope and scale. To keep up with growing operational demands, the organization needed to modernize its ITSM system, and revamp its approach to service requests, ticketing, incident management, and support.

ECS's client sought a partner that could...

Requirements of the Department of Defense

On-Premises Implementation Expertise

In 2016, the DoD organization attempted to retire their legacy ITSM system in favor of ServiceNow’s solution. They purchased ServiceNow licenses, hired a third-party contractor, and set about integrating the new platform into their on-premises servers. The implementation, however, failed as the contractor struggled to configure ServiceNow’s platform within SIPRNet, the complex security network protecting DoD and Department of State (DoS) organizations. Many of ServiceNow’s ITSM features remained undeveloped, while the customer continued to pay subscription fees for an incomplete solution.

The organization needed a partner who could navigate the complexities of the military’s IT infrastructure, but for the next three years, they repeated the implementation process with new contractors, only to yield similar results. The configuration challenges of SIPRNet were beyond the expertise of their contractors. The organization continued to rely on their legacy system for ITSM support.

In order to prevent another incomplete implementation, the organization reached out to ServiceNow to recommend a vendor who could help. ECS was the top pick: a ServiceNow Elite partner and the company’s go-to choice for difficult, mission-critical, on-premises implementations for government customers.

Process-Based Approach. Rapid Results.

Working within the constraints of SIPRNet and non-classified NIPRNet, ECS designed a two-phase approach to achieve successful implementation. In phase one, ECS performed a health check on Vandenberg’s ServiceNow development instance, documenting the issues impacting the system’s setup and performance. After completing the diagnostic, ECS rebuilt and installed a functional instance of ServiceNow’s product, which successfully integrated with the customer’s private network. Initial projections estimated the first phase would take two weeks, but ECS accelerated their rollout schedule and completed phase one in just under three days with no impact to the organization’s ongoing service and operations. After their success in the first phase, ECS began implementing ITSM functionality into the system. Working alongside the organization’s subject matter experts, ECS gathered requirements for the ServiceNow ITSM modules before building key features such as a new configuration management database (CMDB), customer portal, and service catalog, as well as software asset management (SAM) and discovery capabilities. The result was a fully operational, low-code, globally accessible replacement for the customer’s legacy ITSM system.

Broadened Capabilities. Maximized Potential.

The new single-pane-of-glass, self-service system reduced the volume of help desk tickets, automated repetitive processes, and streamlined the incident response capabilities of the organizations agents. ECS then followed up implementation with user acceptance testing (UAT), training, and post go-live support, ensuring a smooth adoption to the new system. For this DoD customer, a modernized ITSM is only the beginning. As the organization looks to further leverage ServiceNow’s powerful suite of solutions, ECS will be able to build on their previous development work to help deploy workflow modules beyond the ITSM capabilities unlocked so far.

As part of their vision for a digital service, the organization is rapidly expanding the scope and scale of their IT workflows. Their goal is to build an interconnected, innovative, and digitally dominant force. Continued development of the ServiceNow Platform will help better execute the command and control of their growing forces and provide the digital transformation solutions needed to achieve their aims.

ECS is a ServiceNow Elite Partner with over 30 years’ experience, delivering powerful IT solutions to federal and commercial customers. ECS experts solve even the most complex implementation challenges on rapid timelines and with minimal disruption. From ITSM to automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), and beyond, ECS builds digital workflows that transform the way your organization operates whether it’s in the workplace or on the battlefield.

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